Dubai Desert Safari Tours: Your Next Travel Destination


Dubai is a home to many tourist destinations that most international tourists come to visit to. You can see a lot of beautiful buildings in Dubai with their exceptional architecture. But if you are looking for something that allows you to appreciate nature, you can go on a desert safari tour.

Safari tours are popular in Africa and the Amazon but do you know that you can also go on a safari tour in Dubai? Nowadays, many tourists worldwide are coming to Dubai for a once in a lifetime desert safari dubai tour experience.

Unknown to many, there are actually different types of birds lizards and other exotic crawlies in the deserts of Dubai. Most people are pretty sure that Dubai has camels but little did they know that there are actually a lot of other wildlife species in Dubai. There are also desert plants for you to feast you eyes on as they stand out from the vast areas of sand and dunes.

One of the famous regions in Dubai is the Jebel Ali Region which is a home to famous deer like creatures called the Arabian Gaselle which are graceful rare animals. Although they are unique to this area, these animals are actually very shy that when you see one of them or a herd of them, you can already consider yourself very lucky. However, there are also zoos that have rescued gazelles for you to visit in case you miss seeing one in your desert safari tour.

There are also other rare animals that you can find in the middle of the deserts in Dubai and these include the hyenas, Arabian leopards, Ibex, white orynx and the very rare Gordon’s wildcat. You cannot find these animals except for the middle areas in desserts because the common ones that you can see as you transport are the camels, goats, falcons and the donkeys. These animals are only reachable if you go on a desert safari tour so the next time you visit Dubai, you must try one of these tours.

Most tourists these days are even brave enough to stay at night for a camping in the middle of the desert. It might seem scary to go camping on a desert at night but you don’t really have to worry about a thing because tour guides make sure that you are from the dangers of desert monitor lizards and vipers by following strict safety precautions.

Yet for those who do not want to stay on a desert campsite for the night, you can still have a fun and exciting desert safari tour any time of the day. Click here to discover more about evening desert safari tours in Dubai now!


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